The ENLARGE project consortium cohesively integrates a highly multidisciplinary team for interdisciplinary research with transdisciplinary collaboration among engineers, social scientists and natural scientists, whose work directly deals with aspects of the FWE nexus. In addition to these core academic research units, including Technical University Delft (TUD), University of Central Florida (UCF), University of Florida (UF), and Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture (IRSTEA). 

The team includes different actors (industrial and public-private bodies – Ecofilae (ECF), Ecosec (ECS), Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), and the South Florida Climate Change Compact – Resilient Redesign (SFRR). These bodies are directly involved in developing sustainable solutions in agriculture and waste management (ECF, ECS), and urban development (AMS). The overall team has abundant experience in optimizing the food-water-energy nexus, i.e. the management alternatives of urban wastewater, stormwater, green energy, waste recycling, nutrient management and urban agriculture.



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